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Series: The Worldbender Trilogy

Genre: Epic / High Fantasy

Audience: YA

Her blood holds secrets.

For as long as Lorarelle can remember, she's hidden from the world. She's part human in a country of Shaede elves. It's the safe thing to do.

When her family moves to a human city on another continent, she hopes to settle into a life where she doesn't have to hide. A life with the friends and experiences she'd always been denied.

But Fate has more in mind for her.

Enea is a world wrought with killers, ancient creatures, and bitter gods, and they're all grappling to be on top. Tensions that have been building for centuries are finally reaching their apex, and Lora's in the middle of it all.

The elven goddess Merea has secretly worked on a plan for decades, a plan that requires Lora. Ancient rules keep Merea in place: if she helps, it gives the evil god Inan freedom to unleash the rest of his power and strike down entire races. Only a mortal can save Enea without causing mass chaos.

Can Lora do what a goddess dares not?

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