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Series: The Worldbender Trilogy

Genre: Epic / High Fantasy

Audience: YA

Lora is angry.

Banished and betrayed by a vengeful queen, her confidence is shattered. Now, she's stuck with an irritating new companion in search of answers that may not exist. What does it mean to be a Worldbender?

Elaith is tired.

With Lora away and Brullo back in Dragonclaw, spirits are low, demands are high, and her family is drifting apart.

Vena is grieving.

Essarae's gone, and Vena suspects the queen's involvement. When she finds a thread of evidence, no one can stop her investigation.

Merea's plan is in motion.

Secrets unravel and new ones form, but there are shadows in motion beyond the veil. With each passing dawn, Enea is turning upside down, and the truth will do what it always does: break free at any cost.

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